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Hello from Laos

The overseas division of the Daisun has expanded the factories construction in Laos. Laos is not a famous sightseeing spot, like Thailand and Vietnam, and people still consider Laos to be an unknown country. Daisun knows attractiveness of Laos as we have already built up profound ties with the Country. This is our introduction to Laos.
Laos is a landlocked country which is surrounded by Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. There are dry and rainy seasons throughout a year by influence of the monsoon pattern. Most of people in this Country works for rice farming or dry field crop. Although 60% of people are poor, nobody feel they are suffering from poverty because they are basically satisfied with a large quantity of food. Now they have a problem of “how to dispose of waste”. We mention about this subject as follows.
In Japan, the garbage truck pick up every day as a matter of course. The garbage disposal is led and managed by the government based on its tax revenues. Garbage separation and recycle are common. It is also public consensus that the garbage which is neither burn nor destroyed enough are disposed by sanitary landfills. Japanese people pay special attention to the garbage disposal.
On the other hands, disposal ratio of garbage in Laos is not 100%. As private enterprises pick up and dispose of the garbage, \300 to \400 a month is charged to each household. This service is not common in the suburb, and some districts even don’t have such services. Accordingly those regions have low awareness of the garbage disposal.
People who do not use this service dispose of their garbage by their own way. Unique customs still remains that people consider it is ok to bury the garbage under the land. They scarcely have consciousness on waste segregation and recycle. Even private garbage collection companies bury the garbage under the land without treatment.
As Laos has vast national land, it seems that Laos doesn’t have any serious problem with the current way of garbage disposal. However they would not have the space for garbage near future. It was the urgent assignment to build the incineration plant. Laos has developed neither law nor ordinance about this issue. As we said even now the economy of Laos strongly relies on foreign aid and investment from overseas, Laos also has to prepare systems and practices to receive support and business expansion from overseas in the filed of construction of waste management facilities projects in parallel with the other projects. It can’t be achieved without cooperation with the Government of Laos to construct the refuse disposal facilities.
While most of companies are hesitating to advance into Laos because of economical difficulties in Laos, Daisun found this Country’s future and potential, and accordingly we decided to expand our business in Laos with the cooperation of the Government of Laos and international support group. We solve the problems little by little with friendly manner, and eventually we constructed incineration planets and delivered garbage collection trucks in the capital city of Vientiane and in Bolikhamasai Province which is located in middle of Laos.
Our incineration planets cover 30% of necessary amount of incineration, which is not good enough. First of all we will establish management skills and then we will increase the incineration planets little by little. Finally we aim for fixing overall environment with garbage. We promise to continuously push on toward the development of our business in Laos.

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