Various Challenges of Daisun

As a Member of society

[We walk around Nepal – Experience Mote of School Excursion]

This was broadcasted by YBS TV on December 29, 2017


When primary school students of Yamanashi Prefecture have visited Nepal as a part of school excursion, Japanese TV company went with them. Triggered by communication between children of Japan and Nepal for aid activities of Nepal Big Earthquake, those primary school students decided to go and visit Nepal.

It is not common for Japanese TV crews to make a film in Nepal. Daisun could participate in this event by levering our tight relationship accumulated through development investment.
Please find challenges of children who visited local school and hospital, experienced home-stay, and etc. in remote foreign land which can’t be said rich enough region.


Daisun have provided aid to school, water supply facilities, etc., we do continue those effort for future Nepal.


[Assembly of Residents of Hiroshima Prefecture Who Support the Disaster Stricken Town, Watari-cho, Miyagi Prefecture]


As a member of local community, Daisun pursue for better relationship by collaborating with related organizations and local communities.
As aid for revitalization from the Big Earthquake, Daisun conduct baseball school by inviting professional baseball plyers regularly since 2015 in order to encourage children of disaster stricken area.



Challenges for Quality & Safety

Test of 2 hour-fire proof

Challenges for Quality & Safety Control

Safety control is, all the time, the most prioritized and important task for construction industry.
All the construction sites maintain safety-conscious mind in daily work, and void-slab products are high quality products with patent in the Diamond Void-slab construction method. Furthermore, those void-slab products were approved by Japan Construction Total Test Institute Foundation for flexural property and shear performance, and the third party institute tested 2 hour-fire proof.


Please find more detail about void-slab business here.


Recycle plant of Styrofoam

Challenges for Environmental Preservation

Daisun pursue for improvement of environmental problem including protection of global warming.
Daisun also own recycle plant of Styrofoam for environmental recycle, are pursuing electricity power generation by renewal energy systems, and are conducting daily work among employees with highly eco-conscious mind.


Technology Development

Spray destruction test on CB block and brick

Daisun are conducting research and development for coating paints and anti-earthquake structure in collaboration with Tokyo University of Science.

Polyurea resin is superior to polyurethane resin in all aspects such as water resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance because it has strong bonding strength and does not hydrolyze.
Daisun is not only engaged in the construction and sale of polyurea resin, but also in the development of new paints that make use of its features. We conducted a verification experiment and obtained results that are effective in improving the damping performance of buildings etc. and preventing the collapse of block walls and brick masonry.
In addition, with the Tokyo University of Science, we are promoting research and development for creating a house resistant to disasters, such as the “Air Assumption System,” which blocks the conduction of earthquakes by floating the house with the force of air.


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