Daisun's Project Overseas

Construction of Photovoltaic Power Generation Facilities in Vietnam

We are working on construction of photovoltaic power generation facilities in suburban Hanoi by levering our experience in Japan. Typical size of currently working facilities is approximately 100kw including roof-top type and we flexibly adopt various facility types in accordance with local needs. We proactively expand the energy solution of Daisun while we are firmly moving forward step by step.

The Incineration Plant in Borikhamxay, Laos

We have adopted refuse trucks and have managed the incineration plant in Borikhamxay which located in the middle of Laos. Those facilities are currently under operation by our management. The stipulated laws and regulations about waste disposal do not exist in Laos, and currently local government disposes of waste while private firms pick up refuse. Roughly 40% of households adopt the waste disposal system, and more than 50% of households incinerate garbage at each family or bury in the nearby ground. The incineration plant built by Daisun can incinerate 500tons every month. It makes 30 % of the total amount of incineration in this region.

The Incineration Plant in Vientiane, Laos

The issue of refuse disposal is more serious than that in country side. We have built and managed the incineration plant in Capital Vientiane as well. We have provided practices of refuse disposal with local companies and aim to become concept of recycle common for preservation of rich nature in for future generations in Laos.
First we aim for 800 tons of incineration a month (equivalent to 30% of incrimination in this district.), in the future we will increase the facilities with 1,000 tons a month.

Construction of the Bridge, Local Police Facilities, Water Supply Facilities ,and Road in Nepal

We have been conducting construction of a bridge and local police facilities in collaboration with a local construction company in Sagamatha Province, Kothan District located in eastern Nepal. We provide such Daisun’s advanced expertise of project management as technology, process control and financial management.
We are going to aggressively invest in Nepal by levering the above mentioned construction project as our first step thanks to the friendly relationship between Nepal and Japan.

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