Private Policy

Base Policy
Daisun Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Daisun) believe that it is Daisun’s social obligation to treat private information of our clients in an appropriate way, and do commit to comply with protection of private information as described below.


Acquisition of Private Information
Daisun obtain private information within necessity based on the policy to define purpose of use by means of legitimate and fair way.


Management of Private Information
Daisun establish practice of appropriate information security in order to prevent private information, which Daisun obtained from our clients under appropriate and strict control, from foul access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, and etc.


Usage & Offer of Private Information
Daisun use private information within necessity in line with pre-defined purpose of use for implementation of business. The private information obtained from our clients will not be disclosed and offered to any third party without consent of the clients, except for the case disclosure required to do so by applicable laws, rules, regulations or orders.


Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Daisun comply with laws and regulations applicable to protection of private information.


Implementation of Continuous Improvement
Daisun continuously make effort to improve practice to protect private information. Daisun highly appreciate your recognition and cooperation as Daisun make our best effort to prevent uncontrollable situation even though Daisun need to declare exemption in case of illegal attack, force majeure, and etc.


Site Policy

Official Web Site of Daisun Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “The Web Site”) is operated by Daisun Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Daisun”). Before you watch and use the Web Site, please read the conditions of usage of the Web Site described below and agree with those conditions.


About Copyright
All the sentences, pictures, illustrations, graphs, deigns, logomarks, etc. described in the Web Site shall belong to Daisun.
Reprinting, replication, and etc. are not allowed without prior consent of Daisun except for private usage and citation, and etc. permitted by copyright law.
Change of contents of the Web Site is not allowed.


Contents and information in the Web Site can be changed without prior notification.
Daisun will not be responsible for activities of any viewer as a result of reliance on information in the Web Site although Daisun make the best effort to maintain accuracy of information in the Web Site.
Daisun will not indemnify any direct or indirect damage caused by change, suspension, or discontinuance of information in the Web Site regardless of any reason.


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