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Distinctive Void-slab Construction Method with Abundant Track Records Nationwide
Construction sites are increasing nationwide.


The Void-slab provides such various advantages as reduction of construction period, increase of work efficiency, improvement of sound insulation and adiabaticity with clients.


Intensive test & experiment proves high quality & reliability.


Construction process of “Daisun Diamond Void-slab”, which is spreading out nationwide, are shown.


The Distinctive Void-slab Construction Method
with Abundant Track Records

“Diamond Void-slab” developed by Daisun

Daisun developed and obtained the patent on the distinctive “Daisun Diamond Void-slab” as an innovative construction method, in addition to Cubic Void-slab in the field of slab construction work.
Its features include eminent sound insulation and weight reduction while keeping higher hardness than that of conventional slab. It can also increase flexibility in design and efficiency in work process thanks to exclusion of binding joists while keeping strength. From 2001 to 2006, Daisun delivered the Void-slabs to over 650 buildings, and continue the delivery by expanding nationwide.



Foundation Work by “Cubic-Mat Construction Method”

Cubic-Mat construction method is construction method to pour concrete into foundation slabs with simper structure where Daisun Cubic (Styrofoam) are installed and an upper floor board and a lower floor board form one unit.
Daisun Cubic can shorten construction period by elimination of process of backfilling, floor reinforcing bars, and floor concrete, as well as can make delivery and installation process easier thanks to uniformed shape and lightness. Daisun Cubic can also flexibly change number of cubic and layout in accordance with reinforcing bars. Daisun Cubic is economical construction method because of cheap material, Styrofoam.


Characteristics of Construction Method
of Daisun’s Void-slab

Patent & License on Daisun Void-slab

High Quality & Reliability of Construction Method
of Daisun’s Void-slab

Intensive test & experiment proves high quality & reliability

Structural Test of Diamond Void-slab

Construction method of Diamond Void-slab has such advantage as space without binding joist, higher hardness, shortened construction period, and low cost. Daisun conduct tests of flexural property and shear performance time to time in order to verify hardness so that features & advantages of Diamond Void-slab as well as high reliance from customers can be maintained.


Sound Insulation Test of Daisun Void-slab

Construction mothed of Daisun Void-slab is excellent method to secure eminent sound insulation. It is structurally quite natural that the method can secure hardness and light weight. Daisun repeatedly conduct strict tests for sound insulation in order to maintain high quality.


Quality Control

Daisun continue research to pursue for quality in all our operations by developing products, technology, and services with special care on quality and safety as well as complying laws and regulations in line with market demands.
Challenges for Quality & Safety Control

Example of Installation of Daisun Diamond Void-slab

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