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Daisun was selected as “Driving-Force of Regional Future”

Daisun was selected as “Driving-Force of Regional Future” by Ministry of Economy, Trade, & Industry (METI)
(The First Selection = 2,148 companies / Additionally selected = 1,543 companies)
Definition of “Driving-Force of Regional Future” is the company who is expected to generate high added value by levering the regional characteristics, and accordingly can expand its business, which drive the regional economy in a positive way by providing spread effect of economy to regional companies, immediately or near future. It is our honor that we were selected as a result of positive evaluation of our activities in the past and future potential. As the selected company, we can have access and receive such advantages and support as consultation by the Department of Investment Promotion for Regional Future which is newly establishing in each Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry, public announcement & introduction of excellent business activities to any related public organization as well as information sharing & collaboration, and introduction in the HP of METI.
Daisun, taking chance of the selection this time, will make effort to contribute to growth of regional economy and to additionally generate value by further cultivation of the support and collaboration with governmental bodies and related organizations. Daisun is currently expand business into overseas, mainly in Asian regions by providing and supporting electrical, civil, and construction technology.
In addition, Daisun have established subsidiary in Ha Noi, Vietnam, and continue our challenge in career development of local engineers as well as business expansion.
Please expect Daisun’s evolving challenge.

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